Support hybrid healthcare collaboration with the Meeting Owl.

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When it comes to health, clarity is essential. Traditional telehealth solutions don’t support clear collaboration among teams or providers. Our collaboration technology ensures patients and providers can be seen and heard.

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The Meeting Owl 3 is our most advanced 360° camera, mic and speaker device that immerses remote participants in the meeting. It features a 1080p output resolution and a 5.5-metre mic pickup range to support large hospital rooms.

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Enable telehealth appointments and consults with multiple providers in attendance

Care team meetings

Host engaging hybrid care team meetings between medical teams, patients and family members

Staff meetings

Support hybrid staff meetings across distributed office or hospital locations

What Providers are Saying

"Our Meeting Owls truly made such a difference to our families, and they continue to do so!"

Duke University Hospital

"It allows the patient’s hospital team, primary care physician, and the patient’s family to still participate in rounds to deliver better care."

St. Louis Children’s Hospital

"It’s easy to set up and everyone can hear and see participants."

NHS Foundation Trust

"The Meeting Owl Pro is so easy to use, so we’re seeing more engagement and participation from attendees during meetings."

Interfaith Dental

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