Support student participation with affordable hybrid conference camera and whiteboard technology.

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Engaging for Students, Simple for Teachers

Traditional classroom technology is complicated and excludes remote students. Our collaboration technology draws each student into active participation and gives teachers flexibility in how they teach.

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The Meeting Owl 3 is our most advanced 360° camera, mic and speaker device that immerses remote students in the classroom. It features a 1080p output resolution and a 5.5-metre mic pickup range to support larger classrooms and lecture halls.

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Instructor writing on Whiteboard using Whiteboard Owl technology for hybrid education on laptop


The Whiteboard Owl fosters more inclusive and collaborative hybrid classes. Featuring a brighter and clearer view of writing on the board and a transparent view of the presenter, the whiteboard can always be clearly seen by remote students.

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Create Custom Configurations For

Student Engagment

Support student engagement and participation during hybrid or remote classes

Hybrid Learning

Facilitate hybrid learning to connect students who aren’t in the classroom

Staff Meetings

Hold hybrid meetings with teachers and administrators across distributed office or campus locations

What Educators are Saying

"The Meeting Owl is significantly easier to use than our existing built-in room system."

MIT Sloan School of Management

"This device is going to be a game changer in our hybrid environment."

Orangeburg County School District

"The Meeting Owl provides seamless engagement for everyone in the classroom or joining remotely."

Oak Hill Middle School

"Honestly, I love this thing. It's smart, easy-to-use and so cute!"

University of California, Berkeley

"The Meeting Owl ticked all of our boxes."

Wartburg College

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