How GysamNet uses the Meeting Owl to better their distance learning experience

Case Study | GysamNet


7,500 students spread over 11 secondary schools / 1,500 teachers.

  • Enabled natural learning experiences for participants in different locations for an affordable price.

  • The Meeting Owl allowed flexibility for both students and teachers alike allowing both to collaborate effectively.

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Distance learning has gained popularity since the pandemic. Many institutions that wouldn’t have considered it as a viable learning option pre-pandemic, have now uncovered the many positive aspects of remote learning. 

GysamNet is a collaboration function between 11 municipalities' upper secondary schools. they coordinate their education in multiple languages. GysamNet was ahead of the curve. They have offered students distance learning options since 2009, with the goal being that more students, regardless of which programme they study, should have the opportunity to study languages. 

To better the overall distance learning experience for both students and teachers, GysamNet was looking for mobile and affordable tech solutions. Their goal was to have a more natural learning experience even though participants were in different locations. Enter: the Meeting Owl.

GysamNet identified a few different solutions that may meet these needs and had headmasters and teachers weigh in on what solution would be best for their classrooms. Because the Meeting Owl met both of their top needs – mobility and affordability – each Upper Secondary School (across 11 municipalities) was able to purchase them for their GysamNet programme. Once selected, GysamNet performed tests and gathered user feedback to be sure they had made the right choice.

With positive feedback rolling in, next was implementation. Digitisation Educator Emelle Kyllonen – whose role it is to educate and implement digital solutions for GysamNet – explained, ‘We started by talking to headmasters and teachers about how they handled absent students and substitute teacher situations today, and then we introduced the Meeting Owl and possible ways to use it for those situations.’

Today, GysamNet uses the Meeting Owl not only for distance learning but also for student support groups and internal meetings.They know that flexibility is key and the Meeting Owl allows them to be flexible to both students and teachers alike.‘Being able to partly work from home is a way of meeting the younger generation’s need/want for freedom, but also a tool in coping through periods of labour shortage. Teachers are hard to come by, and we have to find new ways to use the ones available’ says Kyllonen.

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