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Top Meeting Owl features you need to know about

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7 December 2023

The award-winning Meeting Owl 3 is the ultimate conference room webcam for hybrid collaboration. With features like a 360-degree 1080p camera, eight omnidirectional beamforming Smart Mics and three built-in speakers, the Meeting Owl creates immersive hybrid meeting environments that are truly the next best thing to being together. But while we love to talk about the hardware, the Meeting Owl 3’s software features are not to be overlooked. Let’s take a closer look at what we think the top Meeting Owl 3 features are. 

Device Pairing

Owls may prefer to hunt alone, but Meeting Owls are designed to work better together. Your Meeting Owl 3 can pair with an Owl Bar for a front-and-centre experience, another Meeting Owl 3 to cover a larger room or a Whiteboard Owl for hybrid-friendly brainstorming. The expansive ecosystem of Owl devices allows you to optimise any room for hybrid collaboration – from huddle spaces to boardrooms to classrooms.

Ignore Zone

The Ignore Zone feature allows you to select a specific portion of the room that you don’t want to be highlighted on the Owl’s main stage during a meeting. The selected zone will still appear in the panoramic strip view, but won’t be highlighted as a feature in the main stage. This is the best way to prevent unnecessary distractions that can quickly derail a meeting and hinder productivity. 

Presenter Enhance

The Presenter Enhance feature is perfect for those meetings that are led by a host or primary speaker. Flip the feature on when the primary presenter is speaking, and the Meeting Owl will follow the presenter around when they move around the room. When Presenter Enhance is active the Owl will switch to feature other speakers but will always be quicker to move away from them and back to the selected primary presenter. 

Vertical Flip

One of the best parts of Owl Labs’ device ecosystem is its ability to adapt to any type of space for better hybrid work. In some rooms – like large lecture halls – mounting the Meeting Owl from the ceiling is the best option. If you do mount your Owl from the ceiling, you’ll need to turn on the Vertical Flip feature. This automatically flips the video feed, so the upside-down Owl’s video is right-side up for remote participants. 

Noise Reduction

The Meeting Owl 3’s audio pickup is designed to work in most office environments. However, if you work in an office with a consistently high level of background noise, the Noise Reduction feature is a must. When Noise Reduction is turned on the Owl will automatically suppress background noise, like an HVAC system, while still accentuating any speakers.

The Meeting Owl 3 blends powerful hardware features with innovative software functionality to enhance any hybrid meeting. The versatility of the Meeting Owl, from pairing with other Owl devices for customised room setups to features like Ignore Zone, Presenter Enhance, Vertical Flip and Noise Reduction, empowers users to tailor their hybrid collaboration experience to their needs. It's not just a webcam; it's a comprehensive solution that transforms the way teams connect and collaborate in the hybrid work landscape.

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